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Let discuss a few very important things that need to adopt in our daily life for a healthy body and peaceful mind.

Mindful Meditation: It is very easy to do and has plenty of benefits. Steps to allow

  • Sit-in a very calm place
  • Concentrate on one specific thing like watching your breathing, seeing a flame of a candle.
  • Your mind starts wandering
  • Redirect your mind back to focus
  • That’s all, it seems to be very easy. Initially start doing it for 10 minutes.

The benefits of mediation: reduces stress, controls anxiety, improves self-awareness, increases the attention span, gives good sound sleep, accessible anywhere, live in the moment, increase productivity, prevent memory loss, enhances your metabolism.

Let us give it a try!


Our body is designed to move like walk, run, skip, jump, pull, and push. Until the last century, people were involved in a rigorous physical activity simply to perform their daily.

But, today movements of the body reduced drastically. So it is very essential to do exercise.

It is recommended to do 150 minutes of workouts per week. We can spend at least 30 minutes per day to stay fit and healthy.

Benefits of Exercise: Increases Energy Levels, gives strength for muscles, helps to reduce or maintain a healthy weight, reduces blood pressure, and enhances the immune system.

Healthy Eating Habits: Well balanced food routine helps to prevent any disease. Nows a day’s people skip their breakfast.

When you eat a healthy breakfast, you can easily avoid unhealthy food choices during the daytime.

Most people watch TV, use phones while eating. It is vital to follow mindful eating. Have a full focus on your plate and chew well.

Always take a balanced food diet that includes carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibers, fat, and everything for an energetic lifestyle.

Eat Seasonal Fruits

Stress Management:

Stress is good in life. For example, any very important event comes, stress makes us work harder and awaken for long period. But stress without relaxation becomes a problem.

Daily allocate a time to relax.

There are simple techniques to relieve from stress: Deep breathing, Make time for hobbies, talking about your problem to anyone, stretching, have good sleep, and taking a hot bath.

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