we can provide more value to your business than all of the processes you do on your patients through mobile and also get more leads from this software.

Get on your patient's report through mobile
Get on your patient’s report through mobile

We give reports through the mobile app

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Totally everyone is receiving a report on the letter pad, receipt, or scanning report. we change the method of delivery of patients’ reports through the mobile app.

Install from the play store:

We can give all the patients’ reports on the mobile app. Then we suggest to our clients also run SMS campaign to our customers. We give the application for free into all factors, for example, nigmedi, nigbills, nigdents, niglabs, and nigdoc. We put the application in two ways google play store AOS and IOS. Anyone can get the application from the play store. Search the application on the play store, select the source, and install it from the play store. Then you can be ready to access it.


The second method you access the application after the installation. Then you are ready to use the application. Before you finished the login process or sign up. The new customers enter their personal details these processes are mail id, name, password, also. Must you can create a login id. Then existing clients enter the same user id and password. You can change the details from your profile settings also. Also, their process is the same in this mobile application. After installation and account verification, you get your access and move on to the next process.

Enter patient details:

Then you get the patient’s reports on your mobile application. Their process is to enter the patient’s name, then age, personal details, and also mobile number. Also, anyone get the report from the app. It’s just a simple process and the same process as patients’ reports. They can use the way of application login process and get the report.

View results:

The final stage getting the report from the application. And the application system verifies all the details from the registered account. Then the system shows the patient’s original report on your mobile. We receive the reports on seconds. It reduces your patient’s time. And the process ended will be very simply and was valuable for each side.

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