Pathology Lab Performance

The growth in pathology lab instruments, other advancements, and clinical practices have transformed and become more receptive to newer technologies. In this changing era, the diagnostics sector too has adopted innovative methods to increase pathology productivity. This brings a promise of quality, and reliability and enhances productivity for the lab.

Here are some significant lab improvement ideas that can provide simplified lab operations. They can also improve performance and offer you revenue benefits over time. Read ahead and know why they are much required for your lab.

Always Use Unique IDs for Patients With Reporting System

The growing number of returning patients and substantial growth in the number of new patients speak about your lab recognition and performance. In order to measure such profitable aspects of your lab, you must have the right data to identify your patients. Using unique IDs you have the ability to identify unique patients, with growth & revenue per patient correctly.

Unique patient ID is an effective way to log patient information and keep track. Hence, useful at the time for monitoring progress. Pathology software usually comes with the such reporting system. This system auto-generates unique user IDs for patients using their contact details or any other set of useful information.

The reporting system not only eliminates the uncertainty of data management but also prevents duplication of work. As a result, you elevate pathology lab performance & growth significantly. By indexing these IDs, labs can store a history of patient records. These records can be used later to study clinical progress or the health history of revisiting patients.

Maximize Pathology Lab Productivity 

With the optimization of laboratory processes, faster delivery options, and improved pathology laboratory instruments and lab measuring equipment, we also need better ways to manage patient records. A digital copy of meaningful information is easier to maintain access to, update and share within seconds than paper records.

And, that’s not it, users get the ability to have an organized way of handling information.  Better tracking and analysis of all in-and-out information flow adds more benefits. So monitoring your financial data within the company’s network is easier. You can implement these processes easily with a lab reporting system or pathology lab automation to enhance pathology lab performance.

Having one single system to manage your Patients, Reports & Accounts, you can now set rules & controls on how each aspect affects the other. Simple controls like restricting report access for unpaid reports can significantly reduce leakages.

Digitization of data is also cost-effective, easy to deliver, and demands comparatively less space on storage. Hence, digitizing your lab & keeping all laboratory data indexed helps staff significantly. It helps them shift their focus to more valuable processes than data retrieval and maintenance tasks.

Streamline Sample Processing In Medical Laboratory

Sample management process is very important but also a complex part of lab management. During the sample management process, even the slightest mistake alters operational output; affecting the end result on the whole. Misplaced samples, wrong/incomplete data entries, lost samples, etc. are a few of the recurrent mistakes that tend to happen while handling a huge volume every day.

Sample accessioning as a process, paired with a well-implemented software system, allows you to identify samples and simplify your entire sample management process. It involves using barcode labels right from the time of sample collection, or at the time of accession. By tagging samples and segregating them into categories, accessioning improves lab performance in more than one way. Soon after labeling, the barcode acts as a tracker for your sample. Be it collected or outsourced, you can track and locate your sample with such tags. The lab can increase pathology productivity significantly with this change.

Simply with a barcode reader or by scanning, your machine will identify the ID, without requiring any human interference at the time of processing. With streamlined sample accessioning that has enormous benefits, you can save processing time and improve accuracy at operations.

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