We are a group of young believers who are passionate about building the best line of products in healthcare management. We started on june 2020 and still moving forward to make healthcare service more effecient. Managing Hospitals, clinics, or labs can be a highly challenging job, so to make those things easier we NIG Software Solutions are here to deliver an outstanding technological experience to our clients. Make healthcare management easier with our tailor-made lab solutions and manage your clinic or hospital in your way. We are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that are built-in in the healthcare division.

Our Vision: Our vision is to create a secure, advanced, and ease of use environment for all healthcare providers and their clients.

Our Mission: Our mission is to purposefully apply the latest technology when developing our software, and actively support people to make better decisions through easy access to information.



A web-based Laboratory Information Management System that improves patient experience with lab automation and empowers you to take business decisions faster. Our software reduces all your hard work and provides you a smart working atmosphere to make your business effective and efficient. Our software reduces all your hard work and provides you a smart working atmosphere to make your business effective and efficient.


  • Report customization
  • Accessible in all device
  • Free SMS facility
  • Admin dashboard
  • Quick report generation
  • Zero maintenance


With our Pharmacy management software you can run entire retail pharmacy operations smoothly by simplifying a wide range of activities like maintaining records of billing, effective inventory management, smart order management, flexible payment methods, negative stock alerts and more. Your day-to-day activities, transaction, and how much business you have done all these things will be documented and can be viewed by you anywhere and anytime these documentations will be really helpful to grow your business.


  • Stock management
  • Re – order management
  • Expiry management
  • Alert management
  • New stock buying indication
  • Drug priority maintenance report
  • 20000+ products added default
  • Rack management
  • Multiple branch connection


This tool is particularly made for doctors who owns a clinic, this will help you to maintain your clinic by providing a digital environment with futuristic technologies where you can complete multiple tasks in minutes. You can maintain your staffs attandence, and salary and more features like these are available in our software to make your work more easy.


  • Patient history
  • Free SMS to patients
  • Create prescription
  • Online payment
  • Digital calendar
  • Zero maintenance


This tool automates and accelerates the Dental charting, Dental Appointments, Patient management, Dental imaging, Dental billing etc. In fact it helps the practice to retain patient, provide quality treatment and increase the revenue. Simple & user friendly. No big learning curve. We also provide training too. The connection between each segment is clearly connected to create a user friendly environment.


  • Live check-in
  • Online appoinment
  • Dental chart
  • Dental billing
  • Patient communication
  • Business reports

This is our company and our products we are thriving to create more heathcare related products and innovating more new ideas to make your heathcare service very easy and effecient. Hope you like our updates, for any feedback or suggestions reach us at info@nigsoft.com

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