Choose to right decision to save on your time and reduce your work for Complexity machine integration with Nigsoft’s laboratory management system.

Complexity machine integration with Nigsoft's laboratory management system
Complexity machine integration with Nigsoft’s laboratory management system

Working is comfortable

We are glad to convey the message to every lab worker, we have to move on to reducing working hours, and easy to handle by the end of the report. In front of the integration, working is comfortable.

  1. We try to create a report for example, we finish a report easily.
  2. Their stages involved in this behind the works,
  3. We create one report for one user, ex: enter the name of the patient then the next step is to input the patient’s health status report on the interface.
  4. Our developer gives well dedication and they believed in their hope.
  5. We merge LIMS in the machine.
  6. Then it is reduced lab reporting time.
  7. This is an easy format to compare to the Excel standards.
  8. This is helping to deliver the report simply by using the interface.
  9. It reduced manual reports.


It reduced time during the report times.

Then it was creating a new method for creating the lab report.

Reduced work environment timing

Easy to calculate by the whole report in a month

Strong accuracy

Easy to handle software in reporting time

Manual reports:

Take the time to create a report

Sometimes find a errors

Finding the test reports in the reporting times

These machines demand a high-performance laboratory management system for interfacing. Nigsoft using its highly efficient and powerful interfacing engine has successfully completed the interfacing of these machines.

Nigsoft laboratory information management system has so far completed more machine integrations and continues to add more!

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