The stages of operating pharmacy software can vary depending on the specific software system being used. Here is a general outline of the stages involved.

Stages of operating pharmacy software
Stages of operating pharmacy software

Selection and Installation

Adding stocks

Segregate batch-wise

Data Entry and Migration

Identify the most wanted product

GST without GST

Pharmacist signature upload

Continuous Improvement

Selection and Installation:

This stage involves researching and selecting a suitable pharmacy software system that meets the needs of your pharmacy. Once chosen, the software is installed on the pharmacy’s computers or servers.

Adding stocks :

The first thing we monitor and create the billing status in this pharmacy software. There are more stocks involved in this stock management process. Then we search the need for customer products and select their products in the line-up. Also adding more new products in their slots, and more options involved in their program.

Segregate batch-wise:

We monitor and choose the brand-wise products, then we select the products for the low range in this line-up. And also segregate their medicine batch-wise.

Data Entry and Migration:

In this stage, existing patient, prescription, and inventory data need to be entered or migrated into the pharmacy software. This may involve manual data entry or importing data from existing systems or spreadsheets.

Identify the most wanted product:

What was most selling product the in the billing segments in the lineup, then we identify the most wanted products in every pharmacy. It’s helping to identify the customer’s most buying product.

GST without GST:

We adding the product list to the GST number. Also, input the product list without GST.

Pharmacist signature upload:

We select and create the special medicine for pharmacist signature adding. Then it can be helping your brand reputation.  Adding more value from their process in your pharmacy. After the process adding successfully, we go to the report stage.

Continuous Improvement:

As the pharmacy uses the software over time, feedback and suggestions from staff and customers can help identify areas for improvement. This stage involves analyzing feedback, identifying areas of optimization, and implementing changes to enhance the software’s functionality and usability.

It’s important to note that the stages mentioned above are general guidelines, and the specific steps and processes may vary depending on the pharmacy software being used and the pharmacy’s unique requirements.

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