Nigsoft is an umbrella of all the Laboratory Information System Management (LIMS). It’s more likely a full-scaled pathology lab management software. It has a user-friendly interface and can deploy on platforms like Cloud, Desktop, Mobile Phone etc. Our objective is to serve Pathology Labs and Diagnostics Centres to manage their operations effectively and efficiently with ease of most frequent management functions fully Automated. Pathology LIMS is suitable for small and large labs to make their processes computerised. By using plenty of ready to use test formats any lab can start using software quickly. Generate test reports on all types of Lab investigations. Also it has special section on histopathology & cytology tests.Nigsoft LIMS also has facility of Radiological Tests (RIS) with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Services)


With desktop LIMS, you can run niglabs software in both online and offline modes. Apart from that, you don’t have to search for your report and put it in the system, you can use it on all kinds of devices like mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. in your hand.

Niglabs offline software application will be very advanced for you. Because we offer all the features of our online software in offline software at an offer price. We have developed Niglabs software with very fast and advanced features so that you can use Niglabs software both online and offline. Cannot be seen anywhere else.

All your data is not only stored online and offline but also very safe. You can always take your data day wise, weekly wise, monthly wise, yearly wise.

 ERP is based on Operate Local and Access Global Concept designing. While operating it does not need any internet connection at all. With a minimum internet connection, it can deliver reports online easily.

ERP software can handle Pathology and Radiology reporting. It’s the best software for Diagnostics centres. It can do Reporting, Billing, Accounting, Referrals, Search and Inventory functions in a single software system.

Cloud computing is one of the most beneficial advancements in modern-day technological aspects. The emergence of the cloud has shifted the traditional approach of software deployment, storage and computing capabilities of your computers. The use of the cloud has become a crucial part of almost all sectors. The lab information management system is one such modern approach to make the lab process much easier.

The data we store within our storage and our software is always prone to a third-party attack. The capability of an individual lab to handle all the issues related to security is not always possible. Handing over the responsibility to a cloud system makes the scenario super cool. The security measures and the most modern hardware and software security features are always attractive factors of the cloud.

Using an online system is not just another trend but is a proven necessity that healthcare diagnostics must leverage today. Though online systems improve management, using the best & the right one is always feasible for business.

Let’s review standalone systems that are outdated, need manual management, and have too many limitations. On the contrary, cloud-based systems that offer much better online benefits, rescuing you from those limitations, can be a piece of cake for your business. See how!


While standalone lab software might require one-time installation or re-installations for additional add-ons, a SaaS-supported laboratory solution demands no such thing. More installations indicate more additional changes to the system. Cloud saves you that cost.

Upgradation Limitation

As mentioned earlier, standalone systems require re-installations for upgrades or advanced versions. So each time your system needs enhancements, you have to pay a higher price. With cloud solutions for lab management, this is all possible with the same subscription and no more spends.

In addition to that, a standalone system needs more time for updates that calls for the system to go unfunctional for a day or two. So you have to do all lab procedures manually despite having the system. Cloud LIS system saves you from this trouble enabling automated system updates even at runtime; without hampering any task.

Pharmacy management software

Having a cloud software for patient management system is always an added advantage when it comes to multi-chain clinics, the advantage of having your data on the cloud unlocks various opportunities for your clinic in aspects of marketing and security, anytime you can pull the patient data and automate an email campaign at ease also it lets you have control over your data, reduces data vulnerability. Even being at different geographical centres a cloud clinic software lets you have better control over the operational aspects of the data.

A collective unit of effective departments forms a multi-chain clinic, typically a multi-chain clinic would majorly have departments like Inventory, Pharmacy, Front-office, MRD, IP, OP..etc. Having this single interface clinic software lets the owner have control over the various operations of the clinic, also this lets the doctors/front desk-operatives handle patient data efficiently, single interface access eliminates the need of having a management team as all operations can be carried out by the front-desk operatives on the instructions of the owner itself.

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