Data Security

Cost Cutting


Automatic Updates

Always Connect With Your Customers

  1. Never data losses will happen
Data Safety
  • For running a business data plays a vital role, especially when comes to the medical field we need to give more importance to data storage and security. Data backup is a very mandatory process, but it is tedious.
  • If you are using online software, it will not be a worry. For instance, if your system’s OS crashes and weeks data are not back up. It will create a huge issue.
  • But if you chose online software, you can just login into another system and start using your data. Sensitive data which is stored in the cloud is very safe and in an encrypted format.
  • This feature reduces much of time, so you can concentrate well on business growth and development.

2. All the functionality avail at very minimal cost

Save Money
  • In online software, continuous upgrades will be there. According to the current trend, the products will be continuously developed and added to the existing product.
  • So you can use our NIG products for a long period.
  • Purchasing a subscription software package gives you access to a suite of powerful features without the cost of having to pay for software development or customization individually.
  • Pay for login access as you need.
  • You can customize reports, software according to your requirement without any cost.

3. Accessibility(anywhere)

Access Your Business Data Anywhere
  • Specific location and system are not a constraint. You can access your business anywhere and, in any system.
  • Flexibility and freedom are the greatest benefits for those who have chosen our online NIG products.
  • All the staff can access the software at the same time without any issues.
  • You can also access business data from work, even work on vacations, indulge your independence. As a business owner, you can have complete control over the work and have every information at hand.

4. No updates required

Automatic Updates
  • Usually when purchasing a new software product, need to download the product, set it up and, run it.
  • Not all the time, the process would be smooth. Many technical issues may arise, so a tech person would be required in person for installation.
  • Periodic updates would be also needed to do.
  • In our online NIG product, updates will happen as magic without the effort from the user. The continuous upgrade will be done as a part of the service.

5. Connect with your customer

Customer Relationship
  • Do home collection with the help of the free mobile app.
  • Send reports online.
  • Client records can be easily accessible.
  • Clients’ data are stored very securely in the cloud. Contact information is effortlessly uploaded and updated.

So without further delay, please register for a free demo. Take a glimpse of our products.

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